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Vista Inspirat will transform your old XP Theme to the attractive Vista Theme
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Bricomix Vista Inspirat is an application that will modify Windows Xp theme and system files to change its appearance for Windows Vista Aero Theme, Icons, Windows and Menus.
On each version, new features to make Xp look like Vista are included, some of them are Vista Sidebar or windows transparency, it even recreate vista orb buttom that replaced the classic start button. Unfortunatelly version 1.1 is very basic and its more similar to longhorn than vista.

One of the major concern using desktop theme managers is the system performance, Vista Inspirat modify a windows file to allow you change the desktop theme from the same interface included on WIndows XP, therefore a performance hit isnt present at the beginning. However adding more premium features like transparent window borders, sidebar gadgets and a modified start menu could impact system performance depending on your system hardware specs.

Another point of concern is removing the application, actually is easy to change to your old fashioned and proven Windows XP theme just change it on Display Properties, appearance tab. However removing other third party applications that modified windows explorer or adds transparency could harm your operating system if the proper measure were not performed prior to the application installation.

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  • It is Free
  • Almost automatic process


  • Can reduce system performance
  • Not compatible with X64 Operating Systems
  • Looks more like longhorn than Vista RTM
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